Directors Corner (continued from page 1)

major, you are students who are capable of thinking outside of the box, that is, individuals who see the whole academic picture and who have the ability to make well-informed and personal choices on academic careers.  I am convinced that your academic experiences and your unique individuality have been useful in dealing with the many issues and feelings brought about by the events of September 11.  They certainly have allowed you also to form different views on those events.  I expect you to express your views and to dialogue with others regarding those eventsOnly through dialogue with others and the airing of our personal views, will we able to forge a better world.
On a different note, I would like to point out that our Program keeps on growing.  Once again, we have a very large Proposal Writing course and the choice of concentrations promises to be quite creative.  We will do our best to make you feel, notwithstanding your varied academic choices, as if you belong to a caring and loving family: the BDIC family.  Personally, I would like to welcome all those who are registered in BDIC 396P into the BDIC Program.  I hope that all of you have a very productive and rewarding experience with us.  We are here to work with you and to facilitate your academic careers.  However, your success depends entirely on your hard work and dedication to your academic careers.

Josť Ornelas
Director, BDIC

BDIC Dean's List--Spring 2001

Congratulations to all of our students who have made the Dean's List!

Susan Abbott
Charles Apicella
Gazelle Aram
Alicia Bottini
Kristen Boyle
Lauren Bulkeley
Winifred Chen
Jennifer Christoph
Andrew Cole
Brian Cullinan
Patrick Cummings
Timothy Dalton
Andrea DeGroff
Alanna Donnelly
Danielle Ducharme
Erin DuFresne
Jessica Fink
Nicholas Fisher
Charles Flynn
Ruben Garcia
David Garris
Christine Gauthier
Jus Crea Giammarino
Sharon Gilad

Caleb Hanson
Erin Hickey
Kristine Holohan
Michael Kaplan
Kevin Kelleher
Alex Kevorkian
Sarah Koske
Juliana LaBoube
Julia Laricheva
Julianne Lee
Ross Lemenille
Corinne Levine
William Li
Margaret Luther
Christopher Manz
Kevin Masse
Bridget McLaughlin
Sarah Minnis
Dina Mouldovan
Sharif Muhammad
Victor Navarro
Jennifer Nesbit
Elena Nicola

Colin Ovitsky
Robert Pagliuco
Jennifer Pierstorff
Christine Raymond
Ilana Reynolds
Ashley Rose
Daniel Rosen
Hayden Salazar
Katherine Schiff
Lela Schneidman
Laura Slotnick
Nathaniel Stein
Marcy Stengel
Cristin Sullivan
Molly Sullivan
Brian Surette
Kristina Tobiasson
Jonathan Tomlin
Laura Toth
Jasmine Trabelsi
Hung Vuong
Veronica Webb
Lisa Whitcomb