BDIC Scholarships and Research Awards

Thanks to the generous gifts of our alumni, BDIC has set up a scholarship
and research fund for qualified students.  There are also some funds available for study abroad.  Here are a few examples of the types of projects alumni funds supported during the past year.
Daniel Ari Kapner used a BDIC scholarship to do research in Tel Aviv for his Honors Thesis which was

entitled "A Quest for Normalcy, Japan's Relations with Israel, 1952-2000."  (Dan was, incidentally, chosen as runner-up for a Fulbright Scholarship last spring.)
Jason Tocci was awarded BDIC funds to help defray the cost of his summer, 2001 internship in New York City with DC Comics.
Jasmine Trabelsi, along with fellow BDIC senior,

Julia Laricheva, created a women's art magazine called "Artsy" with the help of alumni funds.  The magazine came out in May and looks extraordinary!  The project was Jasmine's Honors Thesis.
Deadlines for applications are May 15 (for Summer and Fall study/projects) and October 15 (for Spring projects).

Apply for yours at the BDIC office!

Spring 2002, Pre-Registration

Don't forget--You will not be able to register without a RAC number.

Spring 2002 telephone pre-registration extends between November 7 and 20.  All BDIC students must pick up a RAC code by meeting with Kate Dionne, Justine Dymond, or Linda Roney in order to pre-register.  Students planning to graduate in

February or May, 2002 and anyone who has been notified of a credit hold need to make a personal appointment with Linda.  A sign-up sheet will be posted inside the BDIC office at 608 Goodell, or if it is more convenient, you can call 545-2504 and ask to be

added to the appointment list. 

No RACs will be given out over the phone.  The reason we have them is to ensure you the benefit of proper advising help.

Logo Contest

It's time for a new BDIC logo.  First, it was the flamingo (the odd bird) and later the puzzle pieces which alluded to putting one's concentration together.  But now we need a design that is fresh and

catchy, something that captures the unique spirit of the BDIC program.  If you are the creative type and would like to see your design on BDIC t-shirts, mugs, and brochures, please send us your ideas.

The deadline for submissions is December 14.  Prizes will be awarded to the top two winners!

Before the puzzle, BDIC's logo featured a flamingo.