BDIC's New Webmaster

Meet Sharif Muhammad.  As this year's web master at BDIC, you will usually find him laboring over one of the sometimes feisty computers we utilize here in the office.  He is responsible for the fantastic design and efficiency of our newly renovated website.  He is a senior BDIC major whose concentration is graphic and web design.  Though he is specializing in graphic design, he is using this op

portunity at BDIC to build experience in the field of website design and upkeep.  He plans to graduate in May and attend graduate school for marketing or web design.  He is looking now at internships and job possibilities with various marketing firms.  One he is especially interested in is Arnold Worldwide; a Boston based advertising firm that handles such clients as Volkswagon and Monster.

com.  His other interests include drawing and music (mostly hip hop), and he is also interested in getting into flash movies.  He is a Massachusetts native from Brockton.  Stop by and introduce yourself to this extremely tall and good natured fellow.  Also, feel free to relay comments and compliments on the new and improved website.

Check out BDIC's updated website.

If you need a quiet place to study, stop by BDIC and get your own carrel.

Study Carrels

We have many study carrels in the library available for BDIC students for the Fall semester.  If you are interested, please see Vickie at BDIC.

Ali Barr, BDIC Peer Advisor

Hi!  I'm Ali Barr  and I am one of the peer advisors this year at BDIC.  My concentration is "Child Advocacy" though at the moment I am considering staying an extra semester to acquire a BA in Psychology as well.  I hope to pursue a master's degree in Public Policy or Child Development.  In ten years or so I would like to be settled and working for an organization

such as the Children's Defense Fund.  I am very interested in education reform and I think I am stubborn enough to make some changes someday.  I plan on taking two years off before graduate school to participate in the Teach for America program.  My other interests include, rock climbing, theater, photography, drawing and (most recently) skiing.  I flew down

the slopes (a.k.a. bunny hill) for the first time last winter and am proud to report no injuries.  I hope to improve this apparently natural born talent this coming season.  So I'll see you on the slopes, or at the very least I will see you from the chair lift.  I spend half of my life in the office in Goodell, so please stop by and visit us sometime.  Hope to meet you all real soon.

Ali's concentration is called "Child Advocacy."