BDIC Spotlight--
Kate Dionne and Justine Dymond
BDIC's New Writing Instructors

       Kate Dionne and Justine Dymond are the new '01 instructors for BDIC 496c, the Junior Year Writing course for all BDIC majors.  Both teaching assistants have brought a fresh perspective to the course, along with plenty of prior experience in the teaching field.
  "I have taught some BDIC students before, and those are the students I always remember.  They are excited to learn, so it makes me excited to learn as well," said Justine.
Both women have a great deal of experience in the areas of education and English. Kate got her bachelors degree at MIT in women's studies.  At the time that she participated in her major, it was a self-designed, interdisciplinary major like BDIC.  She then worked in the business world for a few years as a

technical writer.  She went on to get her masters degree in English at Boston College.  Currently, she is working on her Ph.D in Composition and Rhetoric at the University of Massachusetts.   
Justine has many years of teaching experience, covering a wide range of areas.  She has taught creative writing, freshman composition, junior year writing, literature, and honors literature, as well.  She came to UMass as an MFA student in fiction writing through the Creative Writing Program.  She has also worked as a free-lance journalist and in public relations at a publishing company.  She is now working on her Ph.D in Literature, concentrating on both creative and critical aspects in her area.     
   Kate and Justine want to help BDIC students think

about what types of writing they will be doing in their individual fields as a major component of the Junior Year Writing course.  Justine explained that she is interested in making the course more individually tailored to suit each student's specific needs.  Kate also wants to give the students a chance to do research in their areas for their field writing. 
By encouraging student participation in the planning process, Kate believes that the course's effectiveness will be maximized.  Justine and Kate plan to include student input when re-designing the course.
The BDIC staff welcomes Kate and Justine, and we all look forward to working with them for many semesters to come.

Justine and Kate are part of the exciting new changes taking place at BDIC.  We are happy to have them aboard. 

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