Congratulations to our 2001 Graduates!

Susan Abbott
Theater Management

Jessica Adamites
Photography and Women's Studies

Charles Apicella
Arts Administration

Gazelle Aram
Human Studies:  Body, Mind and Society

Daniel Josh Arond
Community Arts and Education

Michael Aswell

Lisa Bailey
Sport Marketing

Lillie Baram
Public Relations with a Focus on Fashion

Mark Besharaty
Electrical Engineering and Web-based Computer Science

Julie Blankstein
Cross-cultural Education

Kristen Boyle
Exercise Science and Nutrition

Jennifer Christoph
Pre-Music Therapy

Vera Castell
New England History and Studies

Arielle Clark
Herbalism and Sustainable Agriculture

Vincent D'Agostino

Graphic Design and E-Commerce

Shireen Deen

Identity Exploration Through Theater and Writing

Marcus Demaio
Media Production

Laura Diamondis
Engineering Law

Danielle Ducharme

Holistic Health

Nicola DuPlessis
Film Production

Rona Even
Documentary Media and Middle Eastern Studies

Francois Exilhomme
Computer Information Systems and E-Commerce

Caretia Fernandez
Social Psychology of Religion

Jessica Fink
Group Dynamics

Michael Fitzpatrick
Performance and Engineering Managment

Nathan Flint
Entrepreneurial Management

Joseph Frawley
Education Technology

Kristen Gabor
Human Resources Managment in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Ruben Garcia
Entrepreneurial Studies

Jus Crea Giammarino
Holistic Medicine, Wellness and Therapy

Erik Gleason
Lifestyle Support Therapy

Rachel Gluckstern
Creative Writing

Nuno Goncalves

Sandy Hakala

Caleb Hanson
Visual Communication

Christopher Halloran
Sports Television / Video Production

Darla Harper
Medieval Studies

Andrew Hartman
Computer Graphics

Allan Hatta
Web Design and Research

Sara Hesselton
Medieval Studies

Matthew Hicks
Sports Journalism and Broadcasting

Matthew Hirshberg

Religious Studies

Jacqueline Ho

Brian Inocencio
Digital Imagery and Multimedia

Jeff Isbell
Hospitality of Sports Entertainment Facilities

Tiffany Jackson
Naturopathic  Medicine

Ricky Johnson
International Business and Computer Management

Daniel Kapner

Japanese and Judaic Studies

Mark Kirshtyn
International Business with Computer Applications

Rachel Knox
Rehabilitation and Human Services

Sarah Koske
Writing and Performing Comedy for Television, Film, and Stage