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Bachelor's Degree With Individual Concentration

Fall 2006 Newsletter
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Alumni Report

By Michelle

Wondering what options are out there after graduating?  Perhaps there are more than you suspect.  Here is on BDIC alumna who found some interesting curves in her career path.

Bridget McLaughlin graduated in 2003 with a concentration in Writing and Cultural Studies.  Her first job was in Boston at Thomson ELT (which is an EFL/ESL textbook publisher), where she did mainly editorial work and curriculum development.  She spent two years there before she decided she wanted a change.  After two years in Boston she moved to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to teach English.  On the side she plans to do freelance writing and editing for Thomson ELT, focusing on ESL assessment.   She credits her ability to think outside the box to her former BDIC days.

Bridget may decide to change her career path once more.  She is interested in working directly with people to help them figure out what they want to do and the different ways they can achieve those goals.  Working at an international program for a university, a similar BDIC-type program, or a non-profit organization are all major interests for her.  With such an interesting background, it is difficult to guess where she will go next, but we wish her the best of luck as she ventures on to new places.  We have word that she will be starting work at a gold mining camp in the Gobi Desert this coming month, where she will be working with two native teachers and three Mongolian teachers.  She is certainly keeping it interesting.


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