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Fall 2006 Newsletter
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Notes From Linda

Hello BDIC students,

I hope you are all enjoying the fall semester. It sure seems to be flying by quickly! Already the leaves are almost all gone from the trees.

We have put together the fall newsletter for your enjoyment and also to keep you informed of all the upcoming events of the semester.  Our goal is to keep the BDIC family more connected.  I hope you’ll try to make it to one of the monthly “pizza nights.

There is some exciting news to share with you.  BDIC has recently formed an association with Commonwealth College and will, in the future, be working in close conjunction with the folks there.  We see this association as a boom for BDIC since Commonwealth College and BDIC hold in common the goal of providing programs for our students that are nothing short of excellent.  It is our hope that an alliance with ComCol will greatly increase the opportunities for BDIC students.  We will keep you posted as we know more details of this merger.

Keep in mind that pre-registration for spring semester (can you believe it?!) begins on November 13.  All BDIC students and those of you in the Proposal Writing class should plan to come in and meet with Andrea or me just to be sure you are on track.  If your G.P.A. is below 2.5, you will find that you have a RAC, and you’ll need to meet with an advisor in order to have it removed.  It is especially important for seniors to meet with me to make sure you will graduate without any problem. Schedule your appointment early while there are still times available.  We’ll look forward to seeing you all and catching up on your lives!

Have a good remainder of the semester, BDIC students. Enjoy the beautiful fall weather while it lasts!

Best wishes,
Linda Roney  


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