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Bachelor's Degree With Individual Concentration

Fall 2006 Newsletter
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Student News

By Katie

Help for Honduras
By Davina

Current BDIC student Josh Farrell-Starbuck is traveling to Honduras this upcoming January to volunteer with OYE , The Organization for Youth Empowerment.  OYE aims to “empower disadvantaged youth in Honduras through education, arts, and health programs which promote self-sufficiency.”  Alongside BDIC graduate and OYE co-founder Justin Eldridge-Otero, Josh plans on spending three weeks to help promote the children’s creativity through garden building, sports recreation, and theatrical productions.  Josh also hopes to spend some significant time in the classroom, teaching modern health and hygiene practices.  OYE requires that all volunteers participate in fundraising (the minimum is $1,000) to support the various programs, services, and scholarships they offer. 

Josh has developed his BDIC concentration, aiming to focus on culture, human interaction and their relationship with modern medical practices.  Josh anticipates matriculation into medical school following the completion of his BDIC degree at UMass.

If you’d like to help Josh (and OYE) fund his volunteer endeavors this January, please contact him at  To find out more about The Organization of Youth Empowerment visit their website at


Independent Studies and Internships
By Kristen

Many students in BDIC take advantage of internships and independent study experiences. Not only are they excellent opportunities, but they are also a great way to supplement your BDIC curriculum; you can exchange classes from your original curriculum for independent study or internship credits. 

Although all internships are registered through the Career Services Office (located on the 5th floor of Goodell), there is often information about internship opportunities for BDIC students posted throughout our own office and occasionally in this newsletter so keep checking the office for new postings!  As a BDIC student, you can count up to 9 credits of internship towards your curriculum (that’s three classes worth of credits!).  You can complete internships over the fall, spring, or summer semesters.
Independent study credits can be used towards independent projects or research you are doing outside of a classroom with the supervision of a professor.  BDIC students have had independent studies in a variety of different areas such as researching Japanese economics, working with Earthfoods Café, wheel throwing and clay design, or writing and producing a documentary film.  All independent study paperwork can be found in the BDIC office, so stop by for more information!



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