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Fall 2006 Newsletter
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Pizza Night Report

By Jessica

BDIC’s Pizza Night on Thursday, October 19th, proved to be a successful attempt at joining current and prospective BDIC students together to get to know each other, relax and enjoy some free pizza! 

Approximately twenty people showed up to the Commonwealth College lounge in Goodell around seven o’clock.  Rather than going to the dining hall or making Annie’s Macaroni and Cheese in their dorm room, students from the BDIC proposal classes, peer advisors, current BDIC students and their friends sat around a long table and mingled with each other.  Everyone was sociable and welcoming, as everyone in the room attended for the sole purpose of relaxing with peers in a non-threatening environment. 

No staff members were allowed to be present, thus creating an atmosphere that was free of inhibitions or expectations.  Each person who entered the room brought their own experience.  What began with casual conversation between myself and the first few people to arrive ended in an eruption of stories and laughter with our newfound friends.   To experience one of these pleasurable occasions, we recommend you attend the next Pizza Night!



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