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Bachelor;s Degree With Individual Concentration

Fall 2006 Newsletter
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396P Profiles

By Todd

With each semester, we see another group of proposal writing students, and now as the class comes to a close it is again that time to highlight several of them.  Between the two sections there was a total of fifty-two students, who received visits from Sheila Brennan of the Five College and Domestic Exchange Office and JoAnn Bernhard of the International Programs Office.  Aside from welcoming these visitors, the class also made the attempt to become more interactive through the creation of a scavenger hunt that attempted to familiarize the students with various requirements, deadlines, departments, and programs across campus.  Below are three examples of the hard work done by the students this semester:

Gina Simonelli is not only a receptionist in the BDIC office, but she is also pursuing a concentration in Expressive Therapy.  This area of study is not widely accessible on an undergraduate level, so in order to create it she will be drawing classes from the following departments: Psychology, Communication Disorders, Music, Art, and Art History.  Following her undergraduate endeavor she intends to pursue a master’s degree in the same field, a degree which she then hopes to extend into a variety of environments including hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, public school systems, and possible even her own private practice.  This all comes as a result of her rich background in music and art, which she is now not only applying to her studies but also extracurricular activities, she performs in the a cappella group, the “Vocal Suspects.”  Go see them any chance you get!

Emma Lovewell has a unique family background and because of it she is looking to translate her love of the Chinese culture and language into a concentration in Chinese and Mass Communications.  In pursuing this concentration, Emma is hoping to learn how to bridge the gap between Chinese and American culture, as well as learn about the relationship between the consumer and the media.  Her courses will come from Asian Languages and Literatures, Communications, and Journalism departments.  Emma’s study of the Chinese culture has not been restricted to the Pioneer Valley, as she spent a semester in Beijing, China, where her Chinese improved enormously.  Following her time in BDIC, she hopes to find a job in either a public relations firm or production company dealing with international clients.  We all wish her the best of luck!

Anne Macon represents a part of the BDIC population that is not often seen, in that she is formulating a concentration without further academic or professional plans.  Her proposed concentration Interpersonal Relationships is then simply a product of personal interest.  Through this concentration Anne is hoping to gain knowledge into the ways in which people interact and connect with each other, with the higher hopes of exploring her own ideas on how to structure relationships and at a broader level, communities.  Her concentration will be realized through a wide variety of departments including Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Women’s Studies, History, and Philosophy, in order to gain an extensive knowledge concerning interpersonal behaviors.  This is certainly an honest pursuit!


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