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Bachelor's Degree With Individual Concentration

Fall 2006 Newsletter
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Spotlight on Staff

BDIC Junior Year Writing Instructor: Andrea Bergstrom
By Katie

            This semester marks the second anniversary for Andrea Bergstrom as the BDIC Junior Year Writing instructor. For those of you who don’t know Andrea, I’ll tell you a little bit about her and her class.   

Over the past years, the class has seen changes, especially as a result of the recent AQAD (Academic Quality Assessment Development) evaluations, in which Andrea has moved the focus of the class to more of a capstone experience. We now see an emphasis on senior summaries and abstracts while still maintaining the practical aspects of the class, such as research skills along with the resume/cover letter/interview process. “These are things everyone should know!” states Andrea, and she’s right. It is these common sense expectations that often seem to be lost today in undergraduate programs, making Andrea’s presence valued.

But don’t be fooled, the class isn’t as strict and rigid as it may sound. The students work hard, while also being given forums to demonstrate their skills and interests within their concentrations. That is a fancy way to describe what has always been the Spring and Holiday Projects Fair. While under Andrea’s supervision, the students develop projects in relation to their individual concentrations and present to the class, followed by a social generally held in the BDIC office. Students are given the opportunity to network with each other and alumni while enjoying fantastic food (yumm!) and entertainment.

Outside of BDIC, Andrea is still a student at heart. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Communcation focusing on media effects and the social impacts of television. She is currently in her last semester of coursework which she will follow up with her dissertation.

Where will she go from here? If you looked Andrea up in about ten years, you would probably see her still teaching. She plans to become a professor, hopefully in New England. As many of us are itching to get out of school, Andrea hopes to stay, saying that she always liked school and would like to remain in the academic sphere.

While she loves her area of study, Communication, when asked what else would she pursue if she had the chance, she said, The Fine Arts. She loves the artsy stuff and has always liked pottery. And what if she could be something completely different? A hairdresser is her first choice!

 While Andrea sounds like quite the avid academic, she also loves shopping (evident by her massive shoe collection, which this reporter is very jealous of), being with friends and her cats. She has been a great support in the office and by the look of the thank-you cards from her students, also in class. We are glad to have her as a part of our team and look forward to all the possibilities the future brings!


New Peer Advisor Profiles
By Kristen

Brita Orwoll
Junior peer advisor Brita Orwoll is concentrating in Health Education and hopes to one day work for a non-profit organization or clinic.  Hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan but born in Boston, Brita chose to attend UMass because she wanted to be far enough away from her Midwestern home that she needed to board a plane in order to get there. 

No stranger to the field of public health field, Brita was an active volunteer in her high school's health education program as well as the Planned Parenthood in her community.  She now participates in the university's Peer Health Education program, running health presentations on topics like drugs, alcohol, and safe sex in many of the dormitories, fraternities and sororities on campus.  Brita also plans to travel to London this spring semester where she will have an internship in the health field. 

Brita’s worst fear is being stranded alone somewhere, especially in water.  If she had the opportunity to do anything in the world, she would open up a hippie store in San Francisco where she’d spend her days eating her favorite Chinese food dish, chicken and broccoli. 

Brandon Jaworski
Brandon is a senior concentrating in International Business and Entertainment Studies from New Jersey.  Brandon has always loved music, both writing and playing, but he doesn’t feel he has the patience or time to play as much as he used to so he has decided to focus his efforts on learning the business aspects of music management.  He still plays the drums with some of his friends and they are on their way to forming a band.  After graduation he plans on attending graduate school in Miami, L.A, or New York City for music management, and he is currently interning at Northfire Recording Studio in Amherst. 

Brandon’s biggest fear is flying in airplanes, and his favorite dish is chicken pilaf, a delicious mixture of chicken, wine mushroom sauce and cheese.  What you may never have guessed about Brandon is that he was an all-league and all-county bowler in high school, and quite obviously his dream job would be to open up his own recording studio in New York City.

Andrew Rozynski
Andrew, also from New Jersey, is working on a concentration in Law & Deaf Studies through BDIC.  Growing up with two deaf parents, he became aware at a young age of the legal issues that arise for deaf people, and wanted to help people living with his parents’ disability. He is also passionate about law and politics, so his concentration turned out to be the perfect combination of his interests.  Andrew plans on going to law school after graduation and becoming a lawyer for the deaf community.  He will have a prestigious internship in Springfield this spring semester with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. 

Outside of class Andrew sings with his a cappella group, The Dynamics, as well as playing with an intramural football team.  A perfectionist at heart, Andrew’s biggest fear is failing, at anything.  His favorite dish is penne a la vodka with pan-seared chicken, but Andrew says he could eat Bueno y Sano quesadillas everyday of his life, if he had to.  This knowledgeable peer advisor has a few parting words of wisdom for his fellow BDIC students: “be cool, and stay in school.”  Thanks Andrew.  

Jessica Morreale 
Jessica, a native of Southborough, Mass, is concentrating in Student Counseling & Theater.  Her interest in this field is due to the fact that she enjoys working with disabled adults and children. She also considers herself a good listener and has always been the “go-to girl” for advice among her friends.  After graduation Jess hopes to pursue a graduate degree in the education, social work, or nursing field.  But if she ever decides to take a break from the professional life, you will probably find her relaxing on a yacht off the coast of California or perhaps working as a celebrity fashion consultant.

This spring she will be traveling to the College of Charleston in South Carolina for domestic exchange where she plans on obtaining an internship in their peer counseling program.  She sings with the Amherst College Gospel Choir as well as singing at jazz and classical music festivals over summer break. 

The interesting facts about this busy girl are endless. Her favorite snack food is seedless grapes, and her biggest fear is being hit by a PVTA bus! Additionally, Jess who stands at 5’1 feet, says her hands and feet are bigger than her 6’0 foot tall father “I’m a mutant!” she claims. Mutant or not, we are thrilled to have Jess as well as the rest of the new peer advisors with us at the BDIC office this semester!!



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