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Bachelor's Degree With Individual Concentration

Fall 2007 Newsletter
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Happy Fall, BDIC students!

Shawna Shappy BDIC is off to a good start for the year. We have a great staff in the BDIC office this semester and there are several new faces.  Shawna Shappy, Gina Simonelli and Kristen Stoodt are new peer advisors.  Shawna is focusing on the Psychology of Exceptional Children: Early Intervention and Special Education.  She is taking 27 credits this semester and ismanaging to juggle all of her responsibilities very well!

Gina SimonelliGina Simonelli is new as a peer advisor, but she has worked in the office as a receptionist previously.  Her focus is Expressive Therapy.  Gina spent the Spring 2007 semester in Siena, Italy where she amassed an impressive shoe collection.

Kristin Stoodt Kristin Stoodt is pursuing an “Integrated Marketing Communications” concentration.  She enjoys outdoor activities in her spare time. 

Chris Kane Chris Kane, whose BDIC concentration is Management for Theater Education, began working as a receptionist in the office this fall.  Chris loves to dance and plans to work as a professional dancer after college.

The peer coordinators this semester are Katie O’Connell (an SOM major whose story follows later in the newsletter) and Kate Cessna, both seniors.  While it is a little confusing having two Kates, they are a dynamic duo.  Kate Cessna’s BDIC concentration is Societal Stratification and Social Aid in the U.S.  She is double-majoring in Political Science, as well. Kate was recently featured in the Social and Behavioral Sciences fall newsletter. You can check out her story on the SBS website.

The BDIC staff invites all current students, as well as anyone who might be interested in learning more about the major, to stop by the office in 608 Goodell for a visit. And we wish you a wonderful, successful fall semester!

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