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By Sarah Hill

I was recently intrigued when I overheard a conversation with words like "entrepreneur," "success," and "money!"  I sat there sitting on the edge of my seat listening, trying to figure out what they were talking about--it was a class! So I'm going to share this valuable information in hopes that you will get as much out of it as I am.

"Entrepreneurship Initiative" (EI) is the name of the class and I can honestly say that I am excited to attend every session. I've interviewed the owner of Bueno y Sano, Bob Lowry, who is one of the many businessmen who mentor students in the course.

Q:  Who would you recommend this class to?
A:  EI is for anyone with the desire to start thinking about what excites them and to start meeting people who are doing it out there in the world. Our goal is to help students get connected with people who can help them explore ideas about business AND about what makes life fun and interesting.

Q:  Have there been any success stories?
A:  We have tons of success stories. Our students have launched over a dozen companies in less than two years. Most of what we do though is get people thinking about AND acting like they are in control of their careers and in control of their direction in life. Check out our web site for success stories. (

Q:  What's the best lesson that students will get from this class?
A:  The most important lesson people get from our program is that it's fun to be in charge of your own life and there are countless people out there who will gladly help you along if you just get out there and ask.  We also want students to see that a business is just a good system for helping people get what they need and want. It's about helping people and that's why it's so fun!

Q:  Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?
A:  My advice to entrepreneurs is to do something fun and exciting in an area where you can really help a lot of people get what they need or want.

This class not only gives you a better understanding on how to start your own business but you could also win money! I'm just a student, not an advocate trying to recruit people for the class. I was given a great opportunity to express my business idea, and everyone deserves this opportunity as well! The Tuesday classes are open to the public, and I would highly suggest that anyone interested in the class come. For more information on when and where the classes are held, visit the website:

In The News….One of our Students

Berta Wermer, a BDIC student studying Sustainable Small Farm Management, has recently been highlighted in the Daily Hampshire Gazette for her work at Simple Gifts Farm, located in North Amherst. Her unique experience and talent of working with and training animals have come to fruition at Simple Gifts, where it is her task to train two beautiful boy oxen, which are now only five months old. The oxen will be used as tractor alternatives for the farm, which will help to cut the farms dependence on oil, create an abundance of helpful manure, and allow the farmers to move at the pace of their steeds. Berta says, “When an animal has a job to do, it gives them a sense of purpose. Their job now is learning, and they’re really enjoying doing it right.” Rock on Berta! The boys, named Red and Blue, should be ready to go to work full time near 2010.

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