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Spring 2007 Newsletter
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Notes From Linda

Happy Spring, everyone!

The semester began on a mixed note for us at BDIC.  We have so many exciting events planned for spring and so much to look forward to. The highlight of our events is the Spring Projects and Alumni Fair on May 2.  (Keep your eyes open for an invitation. We hope you will all try to come.)  On a less positive note, Davina Danian, the BDIC office manager, accepted a professional position at Boston Architectural College and began her new job last week.  It is a great loss for BDIC, and I can’t imagine ever replacing Davina.  She was a kind of landmark at BDIC, having worked in the office for seven years.  Davina began working as a student peer advisor and later moved into the office manager position.  Davina was efficient, organized, forward-thinking (she had a to-do calendar filled out months in advance), and a quick learner.  Most of all, and this is the irreplaceable piece, Davina had a presence.  Every time you walked into the BDIC office, there Davina would be, smiling from the front desk.  And you knew by her smile that she really cared. We wish Davina well and congratulate her in her wonderful new life in Boston.

Congratulations go to BDIC junior year writing instructor, Andrea Bergstrom, who is a finalist in the Distinguished Teaching Award competition.  The BDIC staff is not surprised to hear this news at all since we all constantly hear Andrea’s students rave about her teaching style.    

Soon it will be the pre-registration period again, and during that time, Andrea and I hope to meet with as many students as possible.  We will soon be sending out a reminder with information about available advising times.

Have an enjoyable spring semester!  The BDIC staff hopes to see you soon!

Best wishes,



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