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Spring 2007 Newsletter
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Memories of Davina

by Kate

Popular folk artist Bob Dylan once sang “the times, they are a-changin,” and that couldn’t be more true right now in the BDIC office.  After spending four years as a student in the department and three years after graduation as our program’s office manager, Davina Danian left for Boston to begin a new job.  Her contributions have been integral to the growth and success of the program.  She has been a friend and informal advisor to countless students, and no one knows this more than the peer advisors, who worked with her closely each day.  While we will all miss her dearly, we are excited for our favorite alumna as she begins a new chapter of her life.  Here’s what some of us had to say in reflection:

Kristen Hamill:      
“Ahhh yes... Memories of Davina… I loved the Johnny Cash phase she went through right after seeing Walk the Line.  She'd listen to "Ring of Fire" and "I'm Going to Jackson" about fifty times a day, singing along from inside her office cube and occasionally coming out to dance in the middle of the office.

I remember how last semester she really needed to get work done but couldn’t because there was always a flock of people running into the office to talk to her.  So one day she set up a barricade of those ugly thorny cactus plants we have in the office all around the top of her desk in the hopes that people would be discouraged from trying to talk to her, but obviously it didn’t work.

And of course how she always had a band of male admirers who wouldn't settle for talking to anyone but her when they stopped by the office.”

Michelle DiIeso:
“Davina likes any posters or papers to be very straight when they are hung up on the wall. As someone who finds putting things up straight on the wall to be a challenging task, I would often find myself very carefully (and constantly asking others if it was straight) trying to hang things up in the perfect position. Luckily, Davina and I did have many things in common. We saw eye to eye on the amazingness of RENT (and therefore broke into song (occasionally), organizing charts for the proposal writing class, and other such things.  It will be sad without Davina in the office, but I wish her the best of luck in Boston where she can be much closer to her Red Sox!

Julie Halpin:
“I saw my first a capella drag show with Davina- the Kinsey Sicus. It opened my eyes to the world of Amherst, and Davina…”

Emma Lovewell:
“I miss hearing Davina laugh.”

Todd Schmeling:
“Family love Davina”

Rachel Ruvich:
“Davina looks like Betty Boop when she makes the cute little face!”

Kate Cessna:
“Oh my, where to start.  One of my favorites is how Davina would always wear high heels to work, even when there was a foot of snow on the ground.  I’ll miss our impromptu dinners downtown, spontaneous dance parties, and her general all-knowingness.  She’s such a considerate person…even on the day Todd, Michelle and I helped her move she bought us coffees.  I will miss her so much, but I know she’s going to rock the Boston School of Architecture.  Best of luck, lovely!”


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