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Bachelor's Degree With Individual Concentration

Spring 2007 Newsletter
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Student News

By Michelle and Kate

Registration for classes begins April 9th.  If your GPA is below 2.5 you must set up an appointment with Linda or Andrea to get a RAC code.  Sign up sheets for pre-registration will be on the front desk about a week before registration starts.  A reminder will be sent out to all students as the date approaches.

Junior Year Writing
It’s not too soon to start thinking about next semester’s classes!  The Junior Year Writing class sign up sheet will be on the front desk in the beginning of April.

SOM Wish List
Add the SOM classes you want for fall to our wish list, and we will send it over to SOM for you and, hopefully, get you into the classes.  The Wish List will be on the BDIC front desk throughout pre-registration.  Make sure you have the prerequisites for any classes you indicate on the list.

BDIC T-Shirts
Show off your BDIC pride by sporting your very own BDIC t-shirt.  Many colors are available.  Only $8 each!

Deadlines for Seniors
Senior summaries are due April 1.  Stop be the office if you want to see a sample senior summary, or look at past students’ work.  Don’t forget to set up an appointment with Linda for an exit interview.

On a Search for New Peer Advisors
Interested in becoming a peer advisor?  We are looking for new peer advisors to start in the fall.  Peer advisors work in the  BDIC office, meet with students who are interested in the program, and help out with the proposal writing class.  You can earn credits for this work.  Applications can be picked up in the BDIC office!

Withdrawal period:
The final date to drop a class with a “W” is Tuesday March 27th.  If you need to add or drop a class, please set up an appointment with Linda or Andrea.

  • The photography of Lindsay Tetlow, an alumna of the BDIC program who graduated in 2003, will be featured at the Woodstar Café on Masonic Street in Northampton. The exhibit, titled “Moods of the Sea and Natural Landscapes” will be on display from March 6th- April 29th.
  • On Monday, March 5 Billy Hall Jr, Vice President of programming at television station TNT, will be discussing African American and Latino images in the media. The roundtable and reception will be held in 504 Goodell from 11am-1pm, and will be followed by a panel discussion from 1:30-3pm in 506 Goodell.
  • The UMass Amherst library will be featuring “Prints of Cellular Imagery” focusing on the human reproductive system. The prints, made by Hannah Richards, are currently on display and will be featured until March 31st.
  • The Hampden Gallery will be featuring the photography of Kiriko Shirobyashi in an exhibit titled “Line, America/2747 Miles”. The artwork depicts the geography of nature and man and will be on display until March 12th.
  • The Augusta Savage Gallery will be featuring paintings depicting bi-cultural experience that were developed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The exhibit, titled “Desplazimientos”, was painted by artist Mercedes Taylor and will be on display until March 13th.

Internships available:
(For more information look at postings on the bulletin board outside the office). For students interested in marketing, writing, or graphic/web design- work with BDIC alumnus, Dana Mazzarelli, who creates and sells jewelry. Check out his company at

Volunteer opportunities and Internships are available with OYE (Organization for Youth Empowerment) in Honduras.  You can check out the website at

For students interested in marketing or fundraising for higher education: Spring and Summer internships are available at the Yellow Direct Marketing, Inc.  Check out their website at

BDIC Scholarship and Research Award Recipients

Sherry Hakimi is a recent graduate of the BDIC program.  While pursuing her concentration in International Development, she used her award money to help her defray the costs of a ten week intensive language program in Madrid, Spain.

Darren M. Ovitsky is a senior who is completing a concentration in Art, Rhythm, and the Transmission of Culture.  Drawing inspiration from his five years of studying musical technique, Darren is currently creating a full length album of percussive compositions and improvisations.  The research award will go towards expenses for studio recording time and instructor’s fees.

Cynthia Duplessy is a BDIC senior with a concentration in International Business. She used her aid from the department to participate in a Chinese Culture and Business course offered in Summer 2006.  The course included a study tour, which provided Cynthia with valuable hands-on experience that contributes directly to her major.

Nia Taylor, a senior in the program, plans to supplement her degree in Social Justice Education with travel experience.  Nia spent ten days in Sicily with members of her Travel Writing class, seeing and experiencing the culture and landscape, as well as applying photography techniques she has learned.  She used her research award to purchase supplies like film and books, and to pay for photo processing costs.

Renaldo Qafzezi is a BDIC student focusing on International Business and Entrepreneurship.  He is using his award to study abroad this semester in Florence, Italy. While overseas, he will enrich his experience through exposure to a new culture. Renaldo’s award money will go toward travel costs and meal expenses he will incur during his travels.

Josh Farrell-Starbuck is a junior who is pursuing a curriculum titled A 21st Century Approach to Pre-Med.  Josh used his research award toward travel expenses incurred while going to Honduras this past winter.  There, he volunteered at the Organization for Youth Empowerment, a non-profit founded by a former BDIC graduate, dedicated to fostering creativity in Honduran children.
Many thanks to our alumni for donating the funds that enable BDIC to give scholarships and research grants!!


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