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Spring 2007 Newsletter
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By Kristen

This semester’s Proposal Writing class is drawing to a close, and very soon about eighty new students will be submitting their final proposals to be accepted as BDIC students.  Although the size of the class continues to grow steadily each year, there is never a lack of students with interesting concentrations and plans for their BDIC career.  We’ve profiled four students from Spring 2007’s BDIC Proposal Writing course.

Marina Solovyov: Business, Language and Cultural Studies of Spain & Japan
Marina is a junior with a double major in Marketing.  Her goal with her BDIC concentration is to complement her studies in business with an international focus. “I have a passion to learn about other cultures, how these cultures function, their ways of thinking, and how these perspectives influence the daily lives of inhabitants,” she says. “I feel it is important in today’s world to have a better understanding of how business operates on a global level.” She spent her sophomore year studying abroad in Granada, Spain, and enjoyed the experience so much that she is also planning to finish her senior year abroad at the Kansai Gaidai University in Hirakata, Japan. On top of her extensive travel experience, Marina also speaks Spanish and Russian fluently (her family is from Ukraine), and is currently taking Japanese language classes to prepare for life in Japan next year.  After graduation she hopes to start a career in international business or international relations, hopefully in a field where she can make use of her strong background in Spanish and Japanese culture.

Cliff Lasky: Real Estate
Cliff is a step ahead of many students his age.  Prior to coming to UMass, Cliff worked for a year as a licensed real estate agent. Now in his sophomore year, he is turning to BDIC to help supplement his current real estate background. “This experience changed me in so many ways,” Cliff says. “There are many opportunities in real estate; renting and selling are the two most lucrative paths, but the fun part is taking something and turning it into a beautiful dwelling which those living in it can appreciate.”  Cliff is drawing most of his classes from the departments of Management and Building Materials and Wood Technology, but he is also considering taking some Psychology and Communications classes in order to understand and work successfully with clients.  Cliff is also currently in the process of renovating and renting out two houses in Amherst.  He believes that after BDIC his job opportunities will be endless, and his only concern for his career is to be his own boss.  “Real Estate makes up 30% of people’s budgets, it is where and how we live, and I love it,” says Cliff. 

Rae Westcott: Japanese Fashion
Rae, a sophomore in the proposal writing class, is pursuing her interest in Japanese Fashion through BDIC.  Before coming to UMass, Rae had already been studying the Japanese language for five years.  In her last year in high school, she spent 6 months studying abroad in a Japanese high school.  While in Japan, her love for fashion grew as she realized her common design aesthetic with the Japanese youth.   Her experience and knowledge of the Japanese culture and fashion industry sparked her interest in pursuing a BDIC curriculum.  While in the program she plans to take courses from the Japanese, Marketing, and Management departments, while also spending a full year at a fashion university in Japan.

Matthew Marhefka: Entrepreneurship
Matthew has a unique and interesting career goal that gave him reason to pursue a degree in BDIC.  Matthew’s plan is to revolutionize the process in which weddings are planned.  He hopes to open a web-based consulting company that enables couples to plan their weddings virtually.  With the concentration, he plans to take courses from the Hospitality and Tourism Management, Economics, Marketing, Management, and Communications departments.


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