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Bachelor's Degree With Individual Concentration

Spring 2007 Newsletter
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Spotlight on Students

by Kate

Featured Concentrations

Danielle Underwood has already proven herself an ambitious student. Her proposed concentration in Allopathic Medicine and Infectious Disease combines courses from the Isenberg School of Management, as well as the departments of Biology and Public Health. She plans to use her undergraduate education as a strong foundation for entry into medical school. One possible career for Danielle is laboratory work, where she hopes to research methods of treatment and prevention for devastating illnesses such as AIDS. The understanding she gains from this will help her achieve her ultimate goal of someday opening a private medical practice.


Ethnobotany and Herbal Medicine is an increasingly popular concentration in BDIC these days, but Hunter Wallingford’s unique approach is worth singling out. His curriculum plan, which includes courses from SOM, anthropology, and plant, soil, and insect sciences, represents a unique synergy between science and cultural studies that is rarely so well captured. He plans to complement his in-class knowledge by incorporating fieldwork abroad in his curriculum, through which he hopes to learn indigenous methods of preparation and use of plant-based medicine. Upon graduation, he aspires to open his own business making and selling herbal remedies.

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