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Bachelor's Degree With Individual Concentration

Spring 2007 Newsletter
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Spotlight on Staff

Introducing New Peer Advisors

Emma Lovewell
I first heard about BDIC through a friend who was applying to the major.  It was great timing because I was planning my study abroad trip to Beijing, China for the following semester.  Right as I was packing my bags I sent in my application for the proposal writing class to study Chinese and Mass Communications.
        I have always been an interdisciplinary type of person as long as I can remember.  I could never just stick to sports or just dance, or music, I had to do them all.  Being in China solidified my decision to include Chinese language into my curriculum, and I couldn’t ignore my desire to take Communications, Marketing, and Graphic Design classes. As someone who could never make a decision and stick to one major that I wasn’t even interested in, I came to think they made BDIC specifically for me!
Now as a peer advisor at BDIC, a member of a Break-dancing group, and a player in an intramural soccer team, I also have a major that fits all of my needs.

Rachel Ruvich

This semester will be my last in BDIC, and it reminds me of how I got involved in the program in the first place.  As a freshman, I was lost in a sea of majors, none of which encompassed all that I wished to study.  My sister Annika, a junior at the time, was doing BDIC, and told me to check it out. She was studying Film, and I wanted to incorporate Dance, Art, Education, and Management into a single concentration.  Annika really helped me by introducing me to BDIC.
        Annika is now living and working in the Bronx.  She has always been a very independent person, but I think that BDIC helped that aspect of her even more.  It certainly has helped me take full responsibility for myself and my education, as well as teaching me how to network and broaden my goals.
       Next year, my younger sister will probably be coming to UMass. Unfortunately, I will have graduated, but I am sure I will still be able to offer her plenty of advice, and of course BDIC will be here to help her, too.


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