A Message From Dan

I’ve been in BDIC about a year and a half now, and I’m convinced it’s one of the best academic programs in the country.  The opportunity to design your own major adds joy and motivation to your studies.  The process of crafting the concentration also demands imagination and originality.  BDIC is gaining national attention and I encourage you to broadcast with pride your connection to the program.  I will close with these great words from a BDIC graduate:

“The letters BDIC on a resume do not mean much to those unfamiliar with the program or concept.  It is the explanation of those letters that I have found to be inspiring.  The initiative, creativity, discipline and entrepreneurial spirit that we all demonstrated to graduate with our “concentration” is powerful.  If seeking admission to grad/law school, get an appointment and tell your story in person.  In seeking a job, bringing it up in the interview process to illustrate your ability to think outside the box and successfully execute a complex plan.”  Rick Sherman (BDIC, 1986) Vice President, Aon Consulting

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