Meet Our New Peer Advisors

Sarah Hill

My name is Sarah Hill and I am a sophomore at UMass. I am from Rochester, New York. I came across BDIC when I became frustrated by the restrictions of the department I was in. I am very happy with my decision to create my own major! My concentration is International Real Estate and Entrepreneurship. During college I plan on getting my Real Estate license and selling some homes throughout the school year. I plan on graduating a semester early, and my last semester will be spent studying abroad in Italy. After the semester ends I plan on staying in Europe for six months. This time will be dedicated to traveling around different countries and analyzing the markets. Eventually I plan on owning an International Real Estate Investment Consultant Company. BDIC has allowed me to create a major that targets my career and do something that I love. When I am not studying hard and the weather is nice I love to play volleyball and to be out on the water jet-skiing. When there’s snow on the ground I love to go up to the mountains with my father and snowmobile.  Traveling is my obsession, and I can’t wait to incorporate it into my career.

Lisa Millette

Lisa Millette is a new BDIC peer advisor this semester. Her concentration is titled Sustainable Structures and Community Development.  The idea for the concentration stemmed from a disappointment in growing up without a neighborhood community and a hope to push the Green Revolution through its current trend into a true everyday practice of sustainability. Outside of school, in addition to fireside chats and long walks on the beach, Lisa also enjoys getting caught in the rain.

Nikki Tishler

I’m Nikki Tishler, a sophomore at UMass Amherst.  I’m a BDIC major concentrating in Social Justice and Community Development.  I hope to attend law school and work in the field of human rights law or become a professor.  This is my first semester as a peer advisor, and it is fantastic!  I love seeing what other students are interested in pursuing and keeping my mind open to new concepts and ideas.  I am a member of the Citizen Scholars Program through Office of Community Service Learning (OCSL) and have incorporated this into my concentration.  I volunteer at the Amherst Survival Center where I work in the kitchen creating delicious concoctions, like a sweet brown sugar tofu stir-fry I made last week.  I’m a human rights activist, with most of my work revolving around the current genocide in Darfur, Sudan.  I work for STAND: (Student Anti-Genocide Coalition) as the Massachusetts State Outreach Coordinator.  In my itty bitty bit of spare time I like to read, spend time with my horse Harvey and my dog Riley, act, and drink tea.  I happen to be a tea connoisseur and can discuss tea for hours.

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