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  May 2, 2006
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         Spring is always a bittersweet time – the weather is finally nice and the semester is finally almost over, but so many of the students of whom we have grown fond are graduating and moving on to graduate schools and jobs.  One of our graduating BDIC seniors, Paula Aden, also a BDIC peer advisor, will be leaving us to go to a linguistics graduate program at Rutgers. While we are glad for Paula and immensely proud of her accomplishments, it will still be very hard to see her go.


         Paula began working at BDIC as a freshman, so she has been with us for four years, longer than any peer advisor ever. She began the program as a freshman since she came to UMass with enough AP credits to be considered a sophomore.  Paula was incorrigible during her first year at BDIC, full of eagerness and laughter. But she quickly grew into the role of peer advisor and showed amazing leadership.  Because of Paula’s expertise and her willingness to take charge and give so freely of her time, Paula moved to the position of peer coordinator. This was a new role that we created to accommodate her outstanding abilities.  As a coordinator, Paula helped train new peer advisors, helped to plan curriculum for and teach the Proposal Writing class, and in actuality, performed the role of an office assistant, tackling any job that needed to be done.  Because Paula is a take-charge type of person, she saw things that needed to be done and initiated the completion of tasks.  She even helped to write the BDIC self-evaluation for the departmental review.  I really don’t know what we’ll do without her!

         I think my favorite memory working with Paula, is, well more of a string of memories. I've been working with BDIC for almost two years, and in that time, Paula has been adamantly pursuing me to join the major. I remember her getting really close a couple of times too. It was only recently, after a three hour chat in the library where she laid out my possibilities, that I found I could actually do it. She researched everything from classes to internships, even information for when I go abroad! Moral of the story, she succeeded. If there's one thing about Paula that will always stay true is that she will accomplish anything she puts her mind towards, in school and in life.  As I look back, we've laughed, we've advised, drank tons of coffee... when it comes down to it, I just love working with Paula. She has been a great friend and I will miss her when she leaves. Best of luck at Rutgers! – Katie O.

         Paula is definitely a favorite here at BDIC! She is sweet, smart and also a kick-butt kind of girl. Working with her has been a lot of fun and she certainly has left a mark here at BDIC.  I know that she will become a successful woman and have a “happily ever after” ending to her wonderful fairy tale. Best of luck! – Myngia H.

         Paula Aden …when I think of all the time I have spent in the office with Paula, I immediately think of questions, tea, and color-coded papers.  Being a peer advisor for two semesters now, there were many questions I have asked along the way, and I never hesitated to ask Paula.  She seems to hold this vast knowledge of the program that she was always willing to share, for which I have always been extremely grateful.  She was also always working with students and answering all of their questions, as well.  Not only does she have great knowledge of the BDIC program, but also of tea, which has been the topic of discussion many times in the past.  She is always willing to have a chat about tea, and encourage people to try it.  As for color-coded notes, anyone who has seen any notes Paula has set up will probably agree that this seems to be her specialty.  Her notes are always perfectly organized and color-coded, with different pens and sticky notes, which is just amazing.  To sum it up, Paula is awesome, and it was so much fun working in the office with her! – Michelle D.

         My fondest memory of Paula...wow, there are so many to choose from. I guess I would have to go with the BDIC trip to the beach. What a magical day! As Myngia and I played volleyball in the sand, I looked out to sea and saw Davina and Henry surfing on some major waves. Linda and Paula Stamps were involved in another game of volleyball, and Linda was winning! As the sun was high in the sky, Mirela and Andrea caught some waves while Katie, Henry, and Michelle splashed around in the water. The best part of the whole day though was looking over and seeing Todd, Kate, Kristen, and Alex burying Paula in the sand. Boy, were they having a good time. That trip to the beach is one day I will never forget! – Julie H.

         I’m not often in the office at the same time as Paula, and I have only known her for one semester, but I will miss her presence in the office. She is a great teacher, and is very generous, especially with her apple cinnamon oatmeal. I’ll also miss her because she’s a fellow vegetarian, and I’ll be the only one left who obsessively appreciates the garlic broccoli when we order Chinese food at meetings. In a few years, I look forward to seeing Paula on the history channel as a distinguished expert eloquently discussing the origin of language.
         Paula, thanks for recruiting me, and for teaching me so much. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you. Good luck! – Kate C.

         Considering the near impossibility of remembering the entirety of days, weeks and years, I find it only then possible to remember moments, those fragments of time we choose not to forget.  We hold those moments to preserve both those who are still with us and those who have come and gone from our lives.  When asked to think back to those moments of which Paula was a part I continually see someone always willing to listen and always willing to help.  So while she may be leaving to start a new chapter in her life those moments of understanding and generosity will always remain. – Todd S.

         It wasn’t until I began this article that I realized how much Paula has influenced me.  Firstly, we worked together as peer advisors for only one semester- my last, and her first.  So it was sort of like we were counterparts (both of us are sticklers!).  As I graduated and quickly joined the paid office staff, I found Paula to be a huge help due to another characteristic we share (when it comes to work, we are control freaks!).  I found it difficult to adopt a new set of responsibilities and leave the old behind.  But Paula, I found, did “my job,” better than me!
         She has supported me from day one, whether it means helping me move or making my job easier by doing hers exceptionally well.  And I got to see her change and grow over her four years at UMass.  Paula isn’t someone who can be easily overlooked, as she demands attention and respect.  She’s a great role model for BDIC students and young women in general.  She’s worked harder than most undergraduate students I’ve seen and is now off to continue her education at one of the best schools in her field!  Congratulations to her on that…
         In conclusion, I received an email from Paula last week.   It was a link to a graduate school with a great program in Public Health.  As I opened up the email, I remembered having a conversation in the office earlier that day about jobs I might like to have in the future, possible career choices, etc.  Paula was sitting at the front desk and seemed to be focused on something else entirely.  As I clicked on the link she had sent me, I knew I would have to say something to her about this.  It made me feel good about myself and I realized how much Paula has supported me.  The next day I did tell her, “It makes me feel good that someone as smart as you, believes in me.”  She smiled.  I will miss her! – Davina D.

        Good luck, BDIC graduates! And, Paula, thank you! We’ll miss you!

                                        Warm wishes,





         The UMass Journalism department will sponsor this event on Thursday, May 4 as a part of their lecture series on "Broadcast and the Media."  Speakers include Jackie Spinner, friend of Jill Carroll, writer for the Washington Post and author of Tell Them I Didn’t Cry: A Young Journalist’s Story of Joy, Loss, and Survival in Iraq; and Ann Cooper, former National Public Radio correspondent and current Executive Director of the Committee to Protect Journalists; and Legal Studies Professor David Mednicoff, an expert on terrorism in the Middle East.  They will speak on the experience of covering the Iraq War and the challenges faced by many of today's journalists abroad.  This event is free and open to the public; it will take place in Bartlett 65 from 7-9 p.m. 

         The students of Plant, Soil, and Insect Sciences 280 and 280CE will be presenting a series of displays and workshops on herbs Tuesday, May 9 from 11-2 p.m. in the Student Ballroom.  Bring a friend and come learn the latest about growing herbs, see demonstrations of essential oil distillation, and sample teas, cookies, and other herbal foods.

         The UMass Engineers Without Borders chapter has recently returned from a site assessment in Kenya, and is looking for students interested in getting involved. Currently, the focus of the project is on water and sanitation. For a successful project, students are needed from all departments (Public Health, School of Management, Anthropology, Language students, Geology, Forestry, Plant and Soil Sciences, Engineering, along with several other disciplines within the university.)
         We are currently reforming our group, and seeing what elements the interested students want to take part of in the project. Time dedicated to project is entirely voluntary, so there are no long term obligations unless you fall in love with Kenya! We currently are working on an organic garden and woman's shelter in eastern Massachusetts for students seeking more local projects. Please visit our website for more information. If you want to work with us, we'll find a way to work with you!

         Mark Becker’s award winning documentary film will be shown on Wednesday, May 3 at 7:30 p.m. in the Flavin Auditorium at Isenberg School of Management.  “Romantico” follows the lives of illegal immigrants who cross the Mexican/U.S. border in search of better lives.  The film follows the lives of immigrants Carmelo and his friend Arturo who wash cars by day and sing songs for tips at night on the streets of San Francisco.

            This year the BDIC staff is planning something slightly different for the Spring Projects and Alumni Fair.  Instead of holding the event in the Student Union Ballroom, we have planned something a bit more intimate.  During class time the students enrolled in the BDIC Junior Year Writing course will be giving presentations based on the research they have conducted relating to their BDIC concentrations over the duration of the semester.
            This will provide an excellent opportunity for all of the students to showcase their interests as well as to learn more about the research being conducted by their BDIC peers.  Members of the BDIC community are also welcome to view these presentations in order to learn more about the excellent work being done within our department.
            A sampling of the noteworthy topics being presented on by this semester’s students are listed here.  Amanda Pantano, who is concentrating in Event Management Marketing Sales  will be presenting on “Gender Bias in Advertising,” while Jasper Lin, whose concentration is Computer Graphics will present on “Violence in Video Games.”   Marta MacRostie's presentation, “The Innate Benefits of Play,” relates to her concentration in Puppetry (for more on Marta and her Puppetry concentration, see this article which is featured on the UMass website). Greg Herot's concentration Medicinal Anthropology provided background for his presentation “The Dangers of Soy in the Diet,” and “Offshoring and its Effect on the Economy” will be presented by Christopher Lemoine, who is focusing on Organizational Consulting.  Cristin Cali's concentration is Fusion of Vocal Jazz and Poetry Geared Towards Entrepreneurship, which correlates with her presentation on “The Evolution of Jazz Criticism.”
            Others include “Current Curricula of Sexual Education Programs in Public Schools” by Delisa Vieria, who is studying International Relations and Community Health, “Waste Material and Salvage” by Matt MacDonald, who is focusing on Ecological Design, and many more.  A total of 20 students are currently enrolled in the course, and there are as many distinctive and unique projects and interests.
            Following the four days of in-class speeches, BDIC will host a catered reception in 608 Goodell for the Junior Year Writing class.  This reception, which will take place from 4-6pm on Thursday, May 11, will provide the perfect opportunity for students to mingle with the BDIC staff members, their sponsors and other faculty members, as well as a few distinguished alumni of the BDIC program who will be traveling to attend this event.
            All students and faculty are welcome!  If you plan to attend, please RSVP by e-mailing us or calling at (413) 545-2504.

[Thanks Andrea!]



         Interested in taking BDIC's junior year writing class in Fall 2006? Stop by the office and sign up! The sign-up sheet is on Davina's desk, and she can answer any questions you have about the class.
           Additionally, Junior Year Writing will be offered during both summer sessions as an online course. To sign up, contact Continuing Education.


         Are you interested in BDIC and excited about sharing your knowledge with new students?  Do you want to help your peers get accepted into the program?  Do you want to earn credits that can be used as part of your concentration?
         We are currently looking for more peer advisors to join our staff for the fall and upcoming year. If you are interested, stop by the office and pick up an application from Office Manager Davina Danian.

Walking but Not Yet Graduating?
           Seniors who are not graduating in May but are still going to be walking at the Commencement Ceremony need to sign up in the BDIC office for a cap and gown. Also, make sure to speak with the registrar’s office so that they also know.

Graduation Party!
          BDIC will be having a party for graduating seniors at 11:30 am, directly after the Commencement Ceremony on May 28. All graduates are invited, as well as their friends and family! The party will be held downstairs from the BDIC office in the Honors Lounge on the fifth floor. For more details or to RSVP, call the BDIC office at 545-2504.

For All Graduating Seniors
          All BDIC students planning on graduating in May or October should make sure to schedule a senior appointment with Linda and/or your faculty supervisor to discuss senior requirements and to be cleared for graduation.

           Show your BDIC pride! T-shirts in a variety of colors are on sale in 608 Goodell. For only $10, you too can be the proud owner of a T-shirt with "BDIC" on the front. On the back, the BDIC motto ("Stand Out in the Crowd") is written beneath a depiction of a flamingo, the BDIC mascot. There is a bright pink flamingo in the foreground, and several uncolored flamingos standing behind it.
           The new edition of the BDIC T-shirt will be unveiled at graduation this year, so get this year's model while you still can! To purchase a T-shirt, speak to Office Manager Davina Danian!


           For students currently enrolled in proposal writing, junior year writing, independent studies, or any other BDIC-related classes, help is now available with written assignments. Junior Year Writing Instructor Andrea Bergstrom is available on Tuesdays from 11:15 to 12:15 for Writing Sessions. In the Writing Sessions, Andrea will assist you with grammar, content, flow, or anything else that has been troubling you about your assignments.

           In addition to the writing sessions mentioned above, we also have Graduate School Advising with Andrea Bergstrom. As a current graduate student, she is very familiar with the process and all of its many requirements, and she is more willing to share her knowledge and provide guidance in this area. Andrea is available for individual appointments for both writing assistance and graduate school advising during her regular office hours by calling the front desk at 545-2504.

          BDIC students interested in linguistics should check out the linguistics department's newsletter. The weekly newsletter is published each Thursday, and is filled with information about various talks, meetings, and other items of interest. Check it out!

Technology Research
          LAMCOTEC, based out of Monson, Massachusetts, are looking for one intern following the end of this academic year. This position is for as close to 40 hours a week as possible with a pay of $10.00 an hour in addition to credit. Responsibilities include: research in raw material sources, possible new markets, and issues related to the product as well as the product. If interested contact Davina Danian for more information.

Marketing and Communications
          For those students interested in Marketing or Fundraising for Higher Education, Yellowfin Direct Marketing, Inc. is looking for interns to involve themselves in the operation of a company who has been rewarded with five industry awards for its outstanding work and creative excellence. For more information either visit their website or contact the President and CEO, BDIC alum David Hazeltine.

Holistic Health
           The Acupuncture and Asian Healing Arts is offering great opportunities to get hands-on experience in it's field. There will be up to four positions open any time Monday through Friday. (The best time for invigorating experiences are Monday mornings.) Position details include: direct hands-on health with emphasis on mental or spiritual health, assisting with acupuncture, researching and writing on holistic health care and Chinese mediation theory, and help running the business. Please contact Claudia Sperber for more information.

Web Production
            Gravity Switch, Inc. is an award winning interactive media firm based in Northampton, MA., who design web and CD-ROM solutions to help companies solve business challenges and achieve strategic goals. The company is looking for a part-time, non-paid intern (ideally a student who needs credit hours for classes) to support the web and art production features for around 8 to 10 hours a week. The job description is as follows: support our programming department with basic HTML projects as needed, support our project management team with various web or CD-ROM project tasks, assist with graphic design and production assignments, research stock photography and stock image sites, conduct web site analysis and research, and assist with administrative duties on an as-needed basis. A background of basic art and web production skills is requested, as well as someone who has worked in an office before. For more information email Gravity Switch.

           Several affiliated E-Commerce companies in the fashion and entertainment industry are looking for an applicant interested in marketing to assist in branding of companies through marketing material, establish contacts with potential advertisers and customers, take part in occasional business meetings and contribute opinions, as well as assisting in forming press kits and sending them to different media contacts. For more information regarding this great opportunity please contact BDIC alum Dana Mazzarelli.

           The same fashion and entertainment affiliates above are also looking for an intern to assist with writing responsibilities. The description of this job includes the following duties: create and develop concepts for humorous entertainment websites, possible leadership opportunities in editing and managing written content, possibility to mediate forums, and selecting various types of content. Again, for more information regarding the position contact Dana Mazzarelli.

           The same e-commerce companies as detailed above are also looking for an intern to collaborate with design work. For this position the intern would be responsible for design flyers, business cards, logos, and other excellent portfolio jobs. Web designers may be assigned one ore more websites to contribute their talents to. All applicants should be familiar with the following programs: Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash (ActionScript is a plus), and any other design or web design programs are also a plus. Once again to apply for this great opportunity with priceless Portfolio and Referral potential please contact Dana Mazzarelli.



            Graduation is less than a month away, and for many that means starting a whole new chapter in life. Whether it’s continuing on with education or starting out in the working-world, it is an exciting transition. But what exactly do BDIC students do when they graduate? We have asked a few students what their plans are, and this is what they’ve said:
            Paula Aden, our current Peer Advisor Coordinator, will be graduating in May and will be taking with her a bachelor’s degree in Language Acquisition and Education. She plans to continue her schooling, and will be starting in the PhD program in Linguistics at Rutgers University in New Jersey, one of the top schools in her field. Paula will be focusing her education primarily on phonology and language acquisition, which were essential components of her concentration.
            Keith Crossland will be taking over a landscaping business on Martha’s Vineyard called Crossland Landscape Inc. With his concentration in Advertising, Landscape and Business Management, Keith will be juggling tasks including landscape construction, maintenance and irrigation while working as an advertising consultant. He hopes this new experience will bring his interdisciplinary education to new levels this summer and in the future.
            Rachel Besserman is embarking on several different projects upon graduation. With her concentration in Interdisciplinary Education and Jewish Culture, she is working to build and manage Emmet's Essentials, an organic soap line inspired by her son Emmet, who will be two years old in August. Emmet’s Essentials will be making an appearance at the Blandford Fair in September, along with a booth in the Campus Center with chair massages and organic soap products. Rachel is also working on a book/DVD project on the Hebrew Alphabet through Movement and the Arts, to be published someday soon.  

Congratulations to all the graduating seniors of 2006.
We hope you have had a great experience here at UMass and with BDIC.
We wish you all the best of luck in the future!
Please keep in touch!

[Thanks Katie!]



            The Certificate in Public Policy and Administration is an interdisciplinary eight course program. It can be pursued by students from any major, but is especially complementary to degrees with concentrations in Social Work, Political Science, Education, and such related fields.  Like BDIC, the certificate curriculum is individualized, planned out by students working in conjunction with a faculty advisor of their choice – which, for BDIC students, could even be their current faculty sponsor or supervisor.
            In addition, the program is flexible. After taking the three required introductory level courses from the departments of economics, public policy and administration, and statistics, students are free to choose the remaining five elective courses from any UMass department. One of the major benefits to earning this or any certificate at UMass is that all courses taken to earn it may also be applied to a student's major(s) or minor(s).

            This certificate is especially useful for BDIC students, who are often concentrating in areas related to public policy and administration.  As mentioned above, students with focuses in Social Work, Political Science, Education, and a variety of other such fields should consider looking into this program.
            For BDIC students, it is an especially useful program with only a couple of added requirements.  All five of the elective classes can be upper-level courses in the area of your concentration, and can count towards both the certificate and your BDIC program.  Of the three required introductory courses, it is permissible to replace two of them with upper-level courses pending permission from an advisor.  In this case, seven classes could be overlapping with BDIC and the Public Policy and Administration Certificate, requiring only one additional class!
            UMass students from any department (including such special programs as University Without Walls and Continuing Education) are eligible to enroll, but this must be done before the end of the add/drop period of the first semester of a student's senior year.
            Similar to the procedure for applying to BDIC, students wishing to pursue this certificate must submit a standard application form and a one page proposal to their faculty advisor.  The proposal outlines the policy concentration they would like to pursue, and justifies how the five elective courses they've chosen will meet this objective.  In fact, if these courses are the same as ones being used towards your BDIC concentration, you could even reuse the descriptions from the methods and procedures section of your BDIC proposal!
            Also similar to how BDIC works, students are allowed to modify their curricula through a relatively simple procedure.  However, while BDIC requires that changes be submitted each semester, the Public Policy and Administration Certificate allows all changes to be reported during the semester prior to graduation.


    1. One course in microeconomics (Econ 103, ResEcon 102, or higher level with permission)
    2. One course in public policy or administration (PubP&A 197A, PoliSci 181, PoliSci 280, PoliSci 220)
    3. One course in statistics (Psych 240, ResEcon 211, ResEcon 212, Sociol 212, Statis 111, Statis 140, Anthro 481, or higher level with permission)
    1. All five elective courses must be at the 200-level or above. Three of the five must be at the 300-level or above.
    2. Of the five courses, no more than two from the same department will apply toward the Certificate. (Note: economics and resource economics are considered to be from the same department.)

            Brenda Bushouse is the Chief Advisor of the Undergraduate Certificate Program in Public Policy and Administration. Any questions regarding this certificate should be directed to her. She can be reached by phone at 545-1453, or students may visit the Center for Public Policy and Administration in 340 Thompson Hall.
You can also visit their website.

[Thanks Kate!]


          As summer approaches, BDIC students are planning their time away from the books, homework, and exams.  Some are using the break to work, intern, or just simply enjoy the lack of academic responsibility, while others are continuing with their academic work over the summer sessions.  Plans may vary, but everyone is certainly looking forward to the freedom that summer brings.
          Lyon Graulty has a definite love for music, which is why he has developed a concentration in Ethnomusicology.  This love is not simply limited to his studies, but also can be seen in the music of his old-time blues band, The Amity Front.  They are a locally-based band that plays in the area quite frequently, but this summer he and the band intend to take their act outside the Pioneer Valley.  To do so, they intend to play several festivals, as well as embark on a couple of tours in New England and the Midwest. 
          Alik Apelian spent the entire spring semester studying abroad in Australia, and because of the perfect timing and her purchase of an “around the world ticket” she is taking the summer months as an opportunity to travel the world.  She intends to visit five other countries, traveling until August. Alik sees this as a great opportunity to study the cultures of the world outside the environment of the classroom, which is especially useful for her concentration in International Business.
          Chanya Sae-Eaw intends to let the summer bring what it may, leaving herself open to any opportunity.  She hopes to go to the west coast through Montana, Wyoming, and Washington to meet a friend she met while studying abroad in Brazil. However, her traveling does not end there!  Chanya will then fly to Costa Rica to pursue an internship on a permaculture farm for two or three weeks as an extension of her concentration, Herbal Medicine and Sustainability.  All of this world traveling and experience will come full circle in September when she returns to write a proposal for conservation land with one of BDIC’s most popular sponsors, John Gerber.
          Ian Logan is one of those rare students on campus who wishes to continue his academic studies throughout the summer.  He intends to take a class during each summer session, both of which will be in the French department.  These courses will help prepare him for plans of studying abroad in Paris the following spring as part of his concentration in Cultural Theory.  When not studying French, Ian will most likely be reading books written by Hegel and Plato, as well as situating himself in his new house
          Please everyone have a safe and enjoyable summer!

[Thanks Todd!]



          Through academic and community work five of our own BDIC students were selected for awards and scholarships from the Alumni Association. Caitlin Jeffries, Miriam Manon, Kate Cessna, Sofia Binioris, and Michelle DiIeso each received an award, representing a wide variety of interests and talents.


          Miriam Manon looked at the “interconnections between ecological problems and issues of race, class, and gender in society” in her concentration titled Social Justice and the Environment. The Alumni Association has chosen to grant her the Alumni Associations Senior Leadership award, due to her work in the Citizen Scholars Program, and “for being a leader of the grassroots community development Alternative Spring Break program.” To broaden her studies, she spent last semester in Israel at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, which brought together students from North America, Israel and Jordan. She will graduate this semester; we congratulate her and wish her much luck in the future.
         Caitlin Jeffries has been awarded the Alumni Merit Based SAA Scholarship, which is awarded to a student who shows exceptional leadership within both the Student Alumni Association and the university community. With a concentration in International Health, Caitlin Jeffries has found herself studying healthcare and public health on a global level, and also focuses on international relations. Over the summer she will be busy interning at the Massachusetts General Hospital, working in health administration. She plans to continue onto graduate school, for either Public Health or Health Administration. Congratulations Caitlin, and good luck!


          Kate Cessna, a peer advisor in the office, will be awarded the Leaders in the Making award, which is given to promising sophomores and juniors who have records of achievement in scholarship and volunteerism, and who are seen as role models. She is one of five winners of the award, and has many leadership activities under her belt. From 2004-2005 she was the president of Alpha Lambda Delta, and she is also an active member of “UMass Students for Fair Trade.”

In her personal time, Kate has created a recycling program at Bruegger’s Bagels. She intends to use her scholarship while on domestic exchange to New Mexico, doing an internship that will be a part of her concentration in Societal Stratification and Social Welfare. Congratulations to Kate, and we wish her luck on her semester on domestic exchange.
          Sofia Binioris was awarded the Alumni Association Senior Leadership Award, which is given to seniors who have shown excellent leadership skills and have contributed to the university community through public and community service. She was nominated by Professor Alexandrina Deschamps, a BDIC faculty supervisor, through the Women Studies department, while Sofia was working on her thesis in Alex's capstone course. Sofia has also worked with Alex through her BDIC concentration, Race Politics and Critical Development Economics. By participating in the Citizen Scholars Program and the Alternative Spring Break course, she has added to the many internships and volunteer positions she has completed. She is currently applying for work in New York City, where she hopes to continue the type of work she has been involved in during her time at UMass. We congratulate Sofia on her award, and wish her luck!
          Michelle DiIeso was awarded the William F. Field Alumni Scholars scholarship, which is given to juniors for their academic achievement. She was nominated by Linda Roney and José Ornelas. Michelle hopes to continue with her concentration of Equitation Therapy by gaining field experience working with a therapeutic riding program. Within her concentration, she takes most of her classes from the Psychology, Education, and Animal Science departments. Michelle hopes to work towards gaining her certification as an instructor by working with a certified therapeutic riding instructor in the area. It is currently her second semester working as a peer advisor in the BDIC office, and she looks forward to another great year in the program.

[Thanks Michelle!]