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Come to the BDIC office in 230 Commonwealth Honors College for a consultation. You will meet with a Peer Advisor, a current BDIC major, to talk about your ideas and whether BDIC is a good match for you?

BDIC is short for “Bachelor’s Degree with Individualized Concentration.”  The BDIC Major allows students to design their own individualized, interdisciplinary programs in areas that are not covered by traditional majors at UMass Amherst.

The diploma will read, “Bachelor of Arts (or Science) with Individual Concentration” and the transcript will read, “. . .with a concentration in your field.” In order to receive the Bachelor of Science degree, the student must complete at least 60 credits in the sciences.

The foreign language requirement may not apply to every BDIC student. Your BDIC faculty supervisor will decide whether or not you need a foreign language on the basis of your concentration area.

Come to the BDIC office to familiarize yourself with our requirements so you can start planning your future course work. Try to satisfy as many General Education requirements as well as prerequisites to future upper-level BDIC-related courses as possible before you start your program as a first-semester sophomore.

Very likely - Yes.  You should come to the BDIC office in 230 Commonwealth Honors College as soon as possible to discuss your situation and get started with the admission process.


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