How do I register for ISOM classes?

Courses in the School of Management are frequently overenrolled and difficult to get into.  BDIC majors should submit ISOM course requests for the upcoming semester through the "ISOM Wish List" in the BDIC office.

You should keep the following points in mind...
• BDIC majors may include a maximum of four courses (including the 301 courses) from the Isenberg School of Management in their BDIC program.
• Being a BDIC major does not guarantee you admission to any ISOM course. BDIC students are not precluded from enrolling in Isenberg courses, but they have the same priority as students from non-ISOM departments. ISOM professors will not  accept the plea that you need a specific course for graduation etc. any more than they would accept such a plea from one of the other non-ISOM majors.
• For each Isenberg course that you include in your BDIC proposal, you should also list an alternative non-ISOM course and be prepared to take it should you not be able to enroll in your first choice.

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