Can I change the courses in my BDIC concentration?

Yes.  You can change your BDIC course list.  In fact most students make at least a few changes before graduation, for any number of reasons -  the focus of your concentration may have evolved over time; you may not be able to get into a course;  a course may no longer be offered; a new course that interests you becomes available.

Recall, however, that your BDIC course list represents a kind of contract.  By accepting your proposal BDIC has agreed to award you a Bachelor's Degree, if you follow through and take the courses you have listed.  Any changes you wish to make to your course list need to be approved in order for this contract to still hold.

To change your course list, you submit a Changes to Concentration form, which must be approved by both your Sponsor and your BDIC Faculty Supervisor.  The form asks you to briefly state why you are not taking the course(s) you want to drop from your course list and why the course(s) you want to take make sense as part of your BDIC concentration. 

Ideally, change forms are submitted nad new courses are approved prior to the begining of the course.  If change forms are submitted after a course is already under way, or completed, there is the risk that the change will not be approved.

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