"From beginning to end, BDIC has been exactly what I wanted college to be."

"Truly, BDIC has given me the perfect undergraduate experience, allowing me to study exactly what I want to study for myself."

"Putting my entire curriculum together I have learned the importance of following my heart and dreams, no matter how much of a reach they may appear to be, or how far off from the paved path they are."

"BDIC made me an active participant in deciding my curriculum and ultimately my future."

Undergraduate commencement ceremony takes place in the McGuirk Stadium from 4:00 to 5:30 on May 11.  See the commencement website for more information!

Courses in the School of Management are frequently overenrolled and difficult to get into.  BDIC majors should submit ISOM course requests for the upcoming semester through the "ISOM Wish List" in the BDIC office.

Adam O'Neill (BDIC 2010, Concentration "Environmental Economics & Entrepreneurship") is engaged in the active entrepreneurial scene in the Boston area.   Adam writes that "I love the entrepreneurship world.  While at UMass and since, I've been involved in various capacities in 5 different startups. I've learned so much about business, marketing, finance, relationship-building, self-management, teamwork...

Peer Advisors are key to the BDIC Program.  Prospective students come into the office and immediately get to talk to someone who both knows the process inside and out and has been through it themselves.

The BDIC program hires roughly three new Peer Advisors each year.  If you have questions about the position, please talk to one or more of the Peer Advisors themselves, or make an appointment to talk to BDIC Assistant Director Linda Roney.  If you would like to apply, please fill out the form below and bring it to the BDIC office.

You may be allowed to count a maximum of 12 credits from the three semesters preceeding your enrollment in the Proposal Writing Class (BDIC 396P), provided that they are relevant for your BDIC concentration.  A minimum of 2 semesters of BDIC work must be completed following the semester you are enrolled in the Proposal Writing Class. See the Proposal Writing Guidelines for further information.


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