"My decision to concentrate in International Health Development grew out of a desire to prepare myself more fully for a career in medicine."

"With the knowledge I have gained from this concentration, I am now prepared to work as a journalist in Latin America."

"My education is working for me, and will continue to do so for a long time into the future.  I am proud of what I have accomplished."

"I'm not one to focus on only one thing with my life, so the idea of being able to combine any number of fields of study with BDIC offered, felt like flying out of that cage which a regular major created."

"I was able to major in becoming the kind of person I wanted to be."

"I am ready and fully confident to step into the brewing industry and hopefully make the world a better place while I'm at it! Cheers, and thanks BDIC!"

"The BDIC program has given me the opportunity to follow my dreams.  Having completed the BDIC program, I feel a sense of fulfillment."

"Through my major in Equine Assisted Therapy I will offer patients the unique experience in healing through enjoyable Equine activities."

"My concentration is titled 'Medicine for Social Change' because I believe that access to quality health care can help individuals regain personal agency; ultimately empowering communities towards positive social change."

"Building my dreams into concrete with the BDIC program and my individualized concentration was nothing short of amazing."


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