Yes.  You can change your BDIC course list.  In fact most students make at least a few changes before graduation, for any number of reasons -  the focus of your concentration may have evolved over time; you may not be able to get into a course;  a course may no longer be offered; a new course that interests you becomes available.

BDIC students sit together near the front at the spring Undergraduate Commencement ceremony at McGuirk Alumni Stadium.  BDIC students have a reputation for being among the loudest at graduation.  BDIC then has its own Senior Recognition ceremony as well, where every graduating senior is recognized individually.  This is a nice event for families and includes a beautiful slideshow of graduating seniors and their concentrations.  All students are

Admission into the BDIC major is a multi-step process.  The first step is to submit an Application for placement in the 1 credit BDIC Proposal Writing Class (BDIC 396P).  This is where you formulate your proposed BDIC program in detail.  At the end of the class, you submit your Proposal for approval and admission into the BDIC Major. 

The BDIC major requires a minimum of 4 semesters in the program.  However this can include a summer semester.  This makes it possible to start the BDIC major as late as the second semester of Junior year.  However, the earlier you get started in BDIC the more complete a job you can do covering your area of interest.

Come to the BDIC office in 230 Commonwealth Honors College for a consultation. You will meet with a Peer Advisor, a current BDIC major, to talk about your ideas and whether BDIC is a good match for you?

BDIC is short for “Bachelor’s Degree with Individualized Concentration.”  The BDIC Major allows students to design their own individualized, interdisciplinary programs in areas that are not covered by traditional majors at UMass Amherst.

Pete Merzbacher (BDIC 2011, Concentration “Globalization & Entrepreneurship”) has recently taken a job at the newly renovated Lord Jeffrey Inn in Amherst as a chef and sustainability manager.  While at UMass Pete founded the education-oriented New Growth Gardens in Springfield, a project that ties together community development and urban sustainability with urban farming and early childhood education.  In addition to cooking at the Lord Jeff's

Having moved from UMass to a job as event organizer and eventually on air reporter with ESPN, Jenny Dell (BDIC 2008, Concentration “Sport Event Marketing & Operations”) has now been hired by NESN as a prominent part of their Red Sox Broadcasting Team.


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