"Through my major in Equine Assisted Therapy I will offer patients the unique experience in healing through enjoyable Equine activities."

"My concentration is titled 'Medicine for Social Change' because I believe that access to quality health care can help individuals regain personal agency; ultimately empowering communities towards positive social change."

"Building my dreams into concrete with the BDIC program and my individualized concentration was nothing short of amazing."

"Diplomacy, negotiation and determination are skills that have been imparted in me throughout the BDIC process; these will serve me greatly through the rest of my life."

"Though my path through college has formed more of a squiggle than a line, I feel very lucky to have found BDIC.  I am proud to represent such an enlightened, innovative and practical academic philosophy".

Yes.  Although most BDIC majors work with the same Sponsor through graduation, there are a number of reasons why you may want, or need, to make a change - your Sponsor has left UMass; your Sponsor is over-commited and doesn't find the time to meet with you; the focus of your concentration has changed and a new Sponsor is more appropriate.

Yes.  Use the BDIC Changes to Concentration form.  You should attach a brief explanation of why your new choice of title is preferable, e.g. it might be shorter and catchier, or it might do a better job characterizing the focus of your concentration.  Your change of title needs to be approved by your Sponsor and BDIC Faculty Supervisor.

Yes.  You can change your BDIC course list.  In fact most students make at least a few changes before graduation, for any number of reasons -  the focus of your concentration may have evolved over time; you may not be able to get into a course;  a course may no longer be offered; a new course that interests you becomes available.

BDIC students sit together near the front at the spring Undergraduate Commencement ceremony at McGuirk Alumni Stadium.  BDIC students have a reputation for being among the loudest at graduation.  BDIC then has its own Senior Recognition ceremony as well, where every graduating senior is recognized individually.  This is a nice event for families and includes a beautiful slideshow of graduating seniors and their concentrations.  All students are


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